Current Sustainability Initiatives

  • Reduction of water bottle plastic waste via our partnership with Miami-Dade county to source water at the majority of aid stations from nearby fire hydrants.
  • Unused finisher food and discarded clothing is donated to charity.
  • Reduction of paper usage, which accounts for the majority of municipal waste, with the implementation of digital communication/signage where possible on race day.
  • Replace plastic water bottles distributed at the Finish Line with reusable aluminum bottles provided by our partner Proud Source Water.

Future Sustainability Goals

  • Develop and implement an organization-wide sustainability policy that guides daily operations and decisions across all of our events and programs.
  • Eliminate cups in the next two years.

How You Can Help

  • Utilize Reduce.Recycle.Reuse stations installed throughout the start/finish lines and on course.
  • Carry your own reusable hydration bottle, and utilize self-service water refill stations.
  • Don’t throw away your old running sneakers. Donate them to charities that will redistribute them to people in need.
  • Extra Tips –
    • Carpool on Race Day
    • Take Public Transportation when possible